TB153 15 inch 3 way BASS CABINET

 Super deep lows with your choice of either the Eminence Kappalite 3015LF NEO 15 in a 4 ohm or 8 ohm cab OR the Celestion 400w NEO 15 along with the 6 inch sealed back mid, 1 inch horn in either a 4 ohm or 8 ohm tolex cab  $589 plus $55 shipping (add $50 for cloth grill and piping option.)

          400 watts rms capacity                                                 

We got so many requests to do a Pro 15 inch 3 way bass system, that we set out to design the best one possible. We got lots of great input from the knowledgeable players at Talkbass.com. After much chat on the forums, the general consensus was the we should use the best Neo 15 made in America which is the Eminence Kappalite 3015LF. We worked with Jerry McNutt, the Head engineer at Eminence. He ran all of the parameters of their Neo 15 and our cabinet size on their computer box program, to come up with the best possible porting. "This thing is going to shake the walls"  Jerry said when finished with his research. The first prototype did exactly that when we played it.

This cab is now also available with the Celestion 400w NEO magnet 15" speaker with deep lows and a little more upper mid bass punch. It is available in both 4 ohm cab or 8 ohm NEO cab.

Again on Talkbass.com, the consensus was that a sealed back mid was the only way to go. We had Eminence make a custom 6 inch mid with a ceramic magnet because it sounds as smooth as silk and can handle even more power than the Neo 6 counterpart. The tweeter is the industry standard one inch Foster compression horn which is used in our other popular bass systems.

The TB153s are also available with the ceramic magnet Custom long throw Eminence Cast Frame Kappa Pro LFs. It is basically the same speaker as the custom long throw Neos but with the heavier ceramic magnet. They weigh more, cost less  They both have the same great bass and tone with either speaker type.  The Ceramic Kappa Pro LF weighs 12 lbs more than the NEO.

The new Eminence crossover is a full 12db per octave dividing network using mainly Mylar capacitors. Guys that know crossover design know that Mylar capacitors respond much faster and more accurately than regular Electrolytic caps found in many cabs. Mylar caps typically have much closer tolerances such as 5 percent instead of typical 20 percent in Electrolytic caps. Mylar caps cost way more but its worth it with regards to consistency and tone.

The crossover takes the 15 up to 800Hz, where the mid comes in and goes up to 5KHz to meet the tweeter. Both the mid and tweeter are padded down to evenly match the efficiency of the 15. The result is a very linear, balanced rich smooth sounding 15 inch 3-way.

The TB153 is a fantastic stand alone cab or it will go great with any of our other cabs stacked on top. We are now making this cab available with the front board reversed so you can stack it upside down on top of a normal TB153 to get both mids right next to each other.   Both baffle configurations, standard or reversed, are available in either 4 ohm or 8 ohm cabs.

The Cabinet features rugged 3/4 inch voidless 13 PLY  BALTIC BIRCH PLYWOOD construction with strong rabbet corner joints. The front and back boards are dadoed into surrounding top and side boards for extreme interlocking strength. The cab is well braced internally with three front to rear 2"X 3" posts.

The cabinet is covered in black tolex, has protective corners, large recessed steel bar handles, full face steel diamond pattern expanded metal grill,  (add $50 for cloth grill and piping option.) front slot port, steel input panel with dual Speakon connectors and dual 1/4 inch in/out jacks. For some speaker specs, please see Eminence.com   Weight 63 lbs  Dimensions 27H x 24.5W x 16.5D.  Speaker cabs are not sold on a trial basis and are not returnable.  Limited one year warranty.


Covering Eminence Kappalite NEO magnet 3015LF  in stock in 4 ohm or 8 ohm cab

OR Celestion NEO magnet 15" 4 or 8 ohm cab.

Tolex: black or any other color on our options page $589 + 55 shipping
Line-X $639 + 55 shipping


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Tolex Color:


Black Carbon (NEW!!)













Grill Color:





Oxblood w/ Gold

Black/Silver Weave

Black/Gold Weave


Piping Choices:







Slip covers now available!! $29                                


Hey guys!
Got the TB153 bass cab for my anniversary from my wife... gotta say.... WOW!!!
The green Tolex is beautiful!
The sound is absolutely supurb!
My bandmates are amazed at the tone, the lows and the crystal clear highs... the crossover is perfect.. seamless!!!
I get alot of compliments on the sound...I don't even line out from my bass amp and we play some big venues!.... yall hit it out of the park with this one..
Paul Shadden

Customer Response:

Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 11:17 AM
To: dave@avatarspeakers.com
Subject: Re: Re: Tracking Number for TB153 Order

I got the TB153 last Thursday. Unpacked, plugged in and WOW...I couldn't be happier.
So happy, I took Friday off work to get some time with my new setup before band practice on Sunday. 
Fast forward to Sunday....the band was completely blown away with the sound of the TB153, and the compliments were flowing like crazy
The guitar player commented about how much my playing had improved and that I'd likely be looking for another guitar player soon.....
Thanks to you and Avatar for not only providing a great product at a fair price but also (in just 3 days), you've made me a better Bass player at no extra charge.
How can you beat that???

Tom K.

From: faulkner steve
Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 4:54 PM
To: sales@avatarspeakers.com
Subject: Avatar TB 153 Review with Video on Talk Bass

Apparently I am the first guy to get one of these cabs (TB 153) out into the real world, shoot some video of it, and offer a first hand review to the Talk Bass Community.  I wanted to offer you the video links that I have posted on the 'Avatar 3 way 15/6/tweet' talkbass mega thread. 

 Kudos on the execution of this cab gentleman! Rest assured that I am reporting what a tremendous value this Cab provides and the responses to the video's I have posted have all been quite positive.  I am your prototypical working musician; I gig 5 - 6 nights a week and perform in venues ranging from small intimate Jazz Bars to large outdoor Amphitheatres.  As a full time working bass player that relies on his gear to earn a living, I must tell you that this cab delivers exactly what I need. It is especially useful for smaller venues where my bass is 'cab only' and not run through the PA system.  The TB 153 provides the full frequency range and fat bottom end I need while being versatile enough to accommodate both finger style and slap techniques.  Both videos feature tunes that have bass lines with a  3 octave range in order to effectively demonstrate the efficiency of the crossover that has been hotly debated on talkbass of late.  I found the crossover points to be absolutely seamless.  Kudos gentlemen and I look forward to spreading the good word.

Video Links:
Hi Dave,
Here is a New Live Clip of the Avatar TB 153.  This one is with a P_bass + Flats and really low end capabilities of this cab.
I hope all is well! Cheers!
Steve Faulkner
The JJ's Band


Talkbass Links:
Steve Faulkner
The JJ's Band


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