B410 Heavy Duty Bass Cabinet with Eminence Delta pro 10s.

OR The original custom Eminence Deltalite2 2510 Neo 10s are back in stock!          


The Avatar B410 features four CUSTOM AMERICAN made Eminence Delta PRO ten inch bass speakers and a Foster Horn Tweeter. These custom designed Eminence Pro tens are made just for Avatar and have large 56 oz magnets for greater efficiency. These custom designed tens also have extended cone travel (Xmax) for improved low end and lightweight die cast aluminum baskets for extra rigidity.  This B410 has tons of punch as well as deep lows perfect for 5 or 6 string bass guitars.

The cabinet is made from superior 3/4 inch 13 PLY voidless Birch PLYWOOD with rabbet and dado interlocking side joints for extreme strength.  The Foster high frequency compression horn tweeter is the most popular tweeter used by some of the best companies in the business.

 The cab uses the new full 12 db mylar crossover network for both the tweeter and bass speaker sections for a more accurate response and for better power handling. The tweeter volume control allows you to turn the tweeter up for larger rooms or to turn the tweeter down for smaller rooms.

The cabinet is covered in black carpet, has protective corners, large recessed steel bar handles, full face steel diamond pattern expanded metal grill, front slot port, steel input panel with dual Speakon connectors and dual 1/4 inch in/out jacks. All four jacks on the back panel are wired together in parallel so you can go in or out of any of them for maximum flexibility when connecting this cab to amps or to other speaker cabs. 

This B410 is available with four lightweight Eminence custom Deltalite2 2510 Neos for a $100 upcharge. These are the originals that got all of the good reviews. They are now back in stock!

 This B410  cab has tons of TONE! Weight  95 lbs with the ceramic magnet 10s. Weight with Neo tens is 65lbs  Dimensions 27H x 24.5W x 16.5D.  Limited one year warranty.


                                           REVIEW With Eminence NEOs     http://www.bestcovery.com/best-bass-amp-cabinet-overall 




Covering Grill Eminence Ceramic Magnet PRO 10s 1400W        

4 ohm or 8 ohm

Original Eminence Custom Deltalite2 2510 Neo 10s  1000w cab

Slip covers now available!! $29

Black Carpet Metal $489 + 55 shipping $589 + 55 shipping
Tolex Metal $559 + 55 shipping $659 + 55 shipping
Tolex Cloth $609 + 55 shipping $709 + 55 shipping
Line-X Metal $589 + 55 shipping $689 + 55 shipping
Line-X Cloth $629 + 55 shipping $729 + 55 shipping


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Tolex Color:


Black Carbon (NEW!!)












Grill Color:





Oxblood w/ Gold

Black/Silver Weave

Black/Gold Weave


Piping Choices:







Custom Tolex





Hi Dave!
Here is an email from the Netherlands!
"After reading the reviews at harmony central about the 410NEO, I decided to buy a used one.
Plugged in my Fender Jazzbass Deluxe into my Hartke 3500 and,   WOW, what a sound!!! The tight lows, fat mids, and crispy highs.
Just the sound I love!!"
"I even went to a friend of mine who is our sound engineer. He told me that this is the best sound that he ever heard coming out of a bass cabinet! And believe me, he knows what he 's talking about!!! Since i've been playing a lot on festivals, i've been playing on a lots of different stacks (Ampeg, SWR, Eden, Peavy, Ashdown and many more...)"
 "Thanx for producing this amazing bass cabinet.   
oh, if you want to, check out the link:" (with different cab) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4STQlxKwreE
 Greetings from the Netherlands!
Johnny Pattipeiluhu


"Last bass cab for life Thunderous lows Lighter than my 2/10 Fast shipping A+++++"



Fabric Grill Cloth and Piping!   NEW !!!
Black and Silver Weave Grill, White Piping B410 Burgundy with Black Grill
B410 Burgundy with Wheat Grill B410 Burgundy with Fender Grill


From: Paul A.
Sent: Sunday, July 18, 2010 6:48 AM
To: Avatar Speakers
Subject: Weekend Gig B410 Neo Report

Hi Dave -
I got to wring out the new rig yesterday.  It was a hot 99 degrees
in Denver and we were outdoors under a large pyramid-roof pavilion
playing to an enormous community swimming pool party attended
by hundreds of people.
Your speakers continue to amaze me.
My 2 B410 Neo cabs, powered by the Markbass 800 head at only
1/3 Volume and not even 1/4 Gain filled the outdoors with bass -
I've never seen or heard anything like it -
It was both Clear and Thunderous!  Filled the outdoors with
rich full FAT bass.  Tonal and impactful to the point of concussiveness.
I've nicknamed them "The Guns of Navarrone"  They're like cannons!
We played for 4 hours and the cabs performed rock solid and
flawlessly.  I can't tell you how impressed I and everybody else was!
Lots of compliments from the other musicians.  I feel like
I'm the owner of a very large GUN!  hahaha!
Keep up the great work - I'm spreading the word -
Thanks again,
best regards,
- Paul, Bass Player for "Total Recall"


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